Friday, 28 August 2009

Working mother's guilt

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to avoid getting stuck in the traffic in Auckland Park where I work, and the more I tried to avoid the long queues, the longer the queues got in the side streets. I ended up in Brixton, even more stuck. It is all these road works going on everywhere, and some roads are closed and some narrowed to one lane only. I quickly googled it just now , and apparently it is for the bus rapid transit (BRT) system, intended for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The road works have been going on for months now, and I presume it is going to get worse until the Word Cup. My only goal in the afternoons is to get to the baby as quickly as possible. It is terrible to leave her there from half past six in the mornings until quarter past four in the afternoons. It adds up to nearly ten hours, more hours than I spend at work during a day. Aargh! And then we have about five hours of her each night before she goes to sleep. We sometimes have more with the not sleeping, and in that I can find a positive outlook on the sleeping problem. (Smile) The hours that I am not with her, contribute to my guilt as a working mother. But I know, millions of women have to cope with the same thing…

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  1. Seems to me that GUILT goes along with the title of MOM. The 2 cannot be seperated. I found it easier when the kids went to school. My clever conscience told me - school is a HAVE to thing. So while they are at school, I don;t have to feel guilty about work. Another light point is that Marinda and Arnia are turning into lovely young ladies, despite having had working moms. I think the moms miss out more than the kids.


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