Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Single vs. Family

Dries were commenting last night that he was working harder at home than at the office. We come at home at 5 in the evenings, and then its dinner and washing and feeding Mieka and bathing her and washing the bottles etc. He was reminiscing about the time he was single and he could stop at the shops to buy himself something to eat, pour himself a drink when he got home, and flopped down in a chair. He says he used to put the glass next to his chair, and just carried on drinking from it the next evening… (Smile)
Why do we complicate our lives so much? I think it is because we want the companionship in life, and without it we can’t define ourselves into the best we can possible become.
I am so thankful for my millennium man who does his share. The X (cancelled one) used to not work, not help out in the house, and still demanded that I fulfill all my roles as wife and mother and cook etc. Now I can’t think why I put up with it for so long, but it feels like it was in another lifetime, and a different version of me…

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  1. O why do we put up with such nonsense? But often it is hindsight which makes us realise this.

    Sounds like Dries is thinking back on his old life, but not regretting his new life for a single minute. Children make our lives so rich and "spicy". They make us "human". I think we only learn self-sacrifice with our children.


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