Monday, 31 August 2009

Mother's guilt X2

I spend the weeks longing for the weekends and more time with my daughters, and come weekends it just flies by. I usually plan to work in the house and garden as well, and at the end of the weekend I must again admit defeat. It is not possible to be and do everything, and I must let go of the idea that I have to do everything and get to everything. Who made up this rules? It is we, and I am changing it right now. Smile, as easy as that!
I have a Practica manual as well, and most of the time it just makes me feel guilty for not doing optimally the stimulation I am supposed to at this stage in Mieka’s development. It is a wonderful tool aimed at stimulating a baby from birth to 7 years. Decision: From now on, I will not feel guilty, but will read sometimes from it, and do some of the suggested activities from it with Mieka. Smile again, as easy as that!
Now I will enjoy my time with Mieka. She is 8 months already, and cuther than cute! I can say that, because it is not my doing. I am just amazed at what she is be-ing, and be-coming. Decision: I will enjoy her!

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