Monday, 24 August 2009


Not much luck as yet with the Tati, the self soothing object from Babysense, but it was so sweet to see the doll in her arms during the night. Mieka was crying and waving the arms, with the doll lodged in her arms while she was vigorously complaining, oblivious to the fact. Dries put it in her arms during the night. I did not think of that, but I did try to keep it close while she was breast feeding. I thought it was also a good idea, because the arms are all over the place, touching my clothes and face. The book “Sleep sense”, by Megan Faure and Ann Richardson: Metz Press 2007, which is on loan from a good friend, says you should persevere… I am hopeful!

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  1. Gosh - look at the time of your post - yukkie - everyone should be sleeping then!


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