Monday, 2 October 2017

5 Reasons why Ballito is the best holiday spot ever

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Ballito beach 
We had a great time at the North Coast. Of course we could not really afford it, and of course it was not at the opportune time, but we took it! And it was wonderful!

My parents have the timeshare, and usually you can't go during the peak holiday season. It gobbles too much points! Luckily Little Miss only had a week left, and they were finishing off at school already the previous week! I know we won't be able to do it for many more years to come...

I got a little bit back from SARS, and my husband's salary paid in just in time! Shew! Tight times, but the universe aligned! October is going to be lean, but at least we can say we had a GREAT holiday! ;-)

Ballito is one of the best holiday spots there is. We have never been to Ballito, only to Umdloti. Of course I now want to pack my bags and go in stay in Ballito forever! ;-)

5 Reasons why Ballito is the best holiday spot ever!

(Reasons why I want to go and stay in Ballito)

1. It's at the beach! The sea! My favourite place for a holiday!

2. You can walk and run along the boardwalk unhindered for about 2 kilometers. It is a safe, friendly and clean space! You can sit on the benches, or turn off at any of the many rock pools and beaches. Within that space there are also two lifesaver stations.

3. This is a perfect place for families. The kids can potter around in the rock pools, or play near the water's edge.

View from Boulder Bay at Ballito

4. We were staying at Boulder Bay on Compensation Road. For some reason we also got the penthouse which were only just remodeled. It was heaven. We had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a jacuzzi and a braai (barbecue) on a big balcony overlooking the most beautiful ocean view! You can check my Instagram @karentoittoit for more photos! It was by far the best timeshare unit ever!
Walking along the boardwalk you can see that almost all the holiday units have ocean views, and access to the beach right in front of them. Heaven!

5. There are many new malls and developments in Ballito. There is nothing that you can't find there. The many great restaurants and child-friendly places makes it difficult to decide were to go. I have used the ChildFriendly app during our stay, and will be reporting back about our finds later in the week.

Now, back to work!

Where is your favourite spot to go on a holiday?


  1. I love Ballito and my Dad lives there but I find it a bit sad that it's got so overdeveloped. Come Dec hols it one big traffic jam, the infrastructure can't cope

  2. I can imagine that it gets busy. Most probably we were there at the best time of the year! ;-)

  3. This looks and sounds absolutely glorious! We usually go to cape town as our family is there so its holiday/ family visit all in one. Thank you for sharing!. Cherralle (my daily cake)

    1. Cherralle, you are lucky that you have family in Caoe Town. 😃

  4. Sounds absolutely lovely. PE is my beach spot!


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