Wednesday, 18 May 2016

MamaMagic Baby Expo - a few Snaps

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We were at the MamaMagic Baby Expo at the TicketPro Dome on the last day, on Sunday. It was packed! I'm sure that the expectant parents and mommies with small kids saw a lot of goodies that they NEEDED after the Expo. (And that they did not know of beforehand!)

We went in search of a bunk-bed contraption, with a bed on top and the desk below. We found a stall, and got the flyer! Little Miss would love to have it in her small bedroom! (Now we can start saving!)

We attended the Barney Show with Little Miss. It is probably our last time that we did something like this with her. She got a bit bored, but she still took a Barney ball along, and she was very impressed that Barney kicked her ball around at the meet-and-greet!

Here are a few of my Snaps (karentoittoit) from the Expo.

Waiting in line for the Barney Show at MamaMagic

A photo op with Barney!

Squeal! Barney's got her Barney ball

Barney, MamaMagic

The SPCA sold dog balloons which was a big favourite
Little Miss got a gift pack with Snowflake's Barney cupcakes. She wanted to make it immediately when we got home.
Dad was a real STAR (he gets ALL my points!!!) and helped her making a batch!
Snowflake, Barney cupcakes
Snowflake's Barney cupcakes

The cupcakes are flop proof and they are really Yummy!

My advice for attending one of these Expos: Decide before the time what you need to not get distracted by all the gadgets and goods!

What did you buy at MamaMagic?

Disclaimer: We got tickets to the Expo!

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  1. Oh heavens - I am so very glad we are totally over the Barney phase

  2. We also loved those dogs from the SPCA. Nicky insisted it must have its own food and we have actually blown it up again. I also think he is getting tired of Barney, or it wasn't such a big hit but he loved the ball pit.


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