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The War Between - Humans and Superhumans fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic South Africa #bookreview

The War Between, Jennifer Withers, book review
I have read another book through Cupcake Mummy's brilliant plan to get books to readers, and reviewers for books: Available for Review on Charlie Foxtrot! (Check it out!)

I selected The War Between, by Jennifer Withers, as the concept of a post-apocalyptic South Africa fascinates me, especially since the two main cities are called Jozenburg (Johannesburg) and Toria (Pretoria). Unfortunately there are no touch-points with the cities of today. (Thinking about it, would there be any resemblance to the previous cities after a devastating war?)

The story-line is strange, but I caught myself not wanting to put down the book until I have finished reading it! The main characters are believable and strong! I could identify with most of them.
I found Syra's character a bit frustrating. She makes a few bad decisions, and I do not think it was believable responses. It feels as if it is forced on her (by the writer), to complicate the plot!
The book finishes with a rhetorical question, which is quite brilliant!
It leaves us with a feeling of wanting more, but also with the knowledge that there is a satisfactory ending to the story!
I love Jennifer Withers' writing and the strange world we are plunged into in this book.
I love the characters and the inherent conflict between two different types of humans that feeds the story-line!

I would love to read more of the ongoing story! I hope this story does not end here, Jennifer Withers?

If you love fantasy and escapism, this book ticks the boxes!

I copied most of this from my Amazon Book Review.

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  1. I already have six books I am reading at the same time..... I guess one more book won't do any harm.


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