Thursday, 26 May 2016

An Angel named Dawid helped me with a flat tire!


I got a flat tire yesterday while driving back from work!

I had to stop! When I pulled to the side of the road, this man came running up! He looked like he had fallen on hard times, but he said that he saw my tire was flat and asked if he could help me.

Of course all the thoughts run through one's head of being bashed on the head, and belongings being stolen.. But I was shaken, and had to graciously accept. While pulling my handbag closer, AND immediately phoning my husband to tell him about the car troubles, AND telling him that Dawid was helping me...

Dawid did a great job, assuring me all the time that he had a family as well and that he would be worried as well when his wife was stuck on the side of the road. His hands were bleeding after he had finished with the job!

I was so thankful for this Angel that appeared out of nowhere!
I would have been flabbergasted and totally useless trying to change my own car tire. It was the first time in ten years that we had to get the jack out from beneath my car seat. I just knew some of the stuff were there, and not all in the back...

Thank you, Dawid! Thank you!
You are an Angel!


  1. Wow you were lucky! This is why I have an AA membership.

  2. Thank heavens for angels on earth. That is why my papa insisted I learn how to change a tyre when I learnt to drive though I wonder if I can still change one now :)

    1. The problem is I am rattled and go into a flat spin! I can't remember what to do, except than pull the manual close! But it's a risk reading the manual while stuck near the side of the road...


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