Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Heia Safari - great for family outings!

Heia Safari Ranch, Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge
The welcoming committee at Heia Safari - Zebras drinking water
We were on our way to a rural restaurant on the public holiday last month! They laughed at us for thinking that we would get a spot, so we had to get back in our car and drive around. We did not want to travel that far! We found Heia Safari Ranch, which apparently is now named Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge!
We attended the Peace Concert here about two years ago, and always wanted to come back.

It was once again one of those serendipitous adventures that ended in the most beautiful place!

The photos tell the story!
We had a lovely lunch here
Little Miss was a bit worried about a few bees

Lots of playground for little ones

Lake Heritage

Heia Safari Ranch, Ladeside Game Lodge, Lake Heritage
Picture pretty!

Lookout point

We did not find the rhino!
I sprained my ankle while walking around here, and Hubby went to fetch the car. We had to wait because he had to arrange for  a ranger to come down.

Rescue on the way
They charge a conservancy fee of R30 for each person, but it is totally worth it!
It looks like the hiking and off-road biking is also big here, and I would love to come back for that!


  1. Looks like a great outing!

  2. Looks lovely. Sorry about your ankle though.

  3. Hope your ankle is fine now!!!

    1. It took a month to heal! I appreciate my ankles so much more after having to shuffle around for a while!


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