Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Help me name my new car!

car, new car
Hyundai i20
I cried on Saturday when I exchanged my old car for a new one! I loved my Toyota Yaris and would have loved to drive her for 10 more years. But she got old, and unpredictable.
There was too much to fix!

Tell me I am not the only one crying about a car?

But the new one is beautiful, and she's got moves and gadgets!

I thought I would start my journeys with her by giving her a name!

I used Confused.com's car name generator, which came up with two names: Rose ("brainy"), and Dora ("adventurous"). I also like the name Hynie.
Confused.com Car Name Generator

Which name should I give her?

Added on 7 June: This was the result of the poll, but I think I like "Rose" more, the brilliant, but wacky stalker in Two and a Half Men!


  1. Hynie sounds like 'the laughing hyena'. I would name it Hynie

    1. I first liked this name very much, but now I am leaning more towards Rose? (Rose from Two and a half men!

  2. Rose is also nice. Cool car! Congrats.


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