Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to celebrate the start of Spring?

The best time of the year has arrived!

It's Spring!

I love how Spring has the ability to rejuvenate.

It is definitely my favourite time of the year!
I want to start doing things again.
I want to clean out!
I want to start again: With healthy lifestyle choices, and professional development opportunities, and friendships and relationships.

This is the time!!

The Voortrekkers had a Spring Fashion Parade yesterday to start of the new season.
It was so much fun!

Spring Flower Girl being created
Spring Flower Girl

Spring Flower Girl (Angel?)

"Suikerbekkies" team
Little Missy on the right who forgot her shoes at school 

The time of the year when shoes are not such an issue any more...
(Big "sigh of relief!")

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  1. I love spring because it means summer is coming. I remember Spring days at school.


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