Thursday, 18 September 2014

Madagascar heirloom, or am I too sentimental?

There is a 15 year gap between the two girls. I have not kept many of the eldest's clothes!

But somewhere along the way a bag of clothes got tagged along from the previous life!

This white suit was a present from aunt D to the eldest when she went on a television production to Madagascar. There is the most cute embroidery of little figures on the white summer suit.

I love it that it fits Little Missy now. She just did not like her belly-button sticking out, and she wanted a white t-shirt underneath.

It feels like a family heirloom that gets a new life again! (I am sentimental like that!)

It is very difficult to pass on some of the clothes!
There is a number of Little Missy's clothes that I have also put back in her cupboard, because it feels too precious to just pass along.

What do you do with your old clothes, and how do you decide which to keep?

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  1. I keep the stuff that was hand made with meaning - Davids mom's best friend knitted Jack a few jerseys and she has since died, so I am keeping those.

    The rest I am donating.

    I have blankets from when my brother and I were babies and that makes sense to keep because they are always useful :)

  2. I can't part with any of Nicky's baby stuff yet because I want another kid! Even then I know it would be hard. Little Missy looks super cute. She is wearing her sister's history,


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