Thursday, 11 September 2014

How much therapy is necessary when there was no need in the first place?

OT play
(photo by Dad)
Little Missy's teachers have never told us that there are any problems. We were not called in to school for any reason. 
Her report cards are very good.

But because she is born in the last month of the year, there is a bit of a worry about her school readiness. I am the guilty party! (l now think that I should have left it!)

We did the school readiness tests at the developmental psychologist and the results did not come back as positive as we expected. I blogged about it already: School readiness results. She referred us to an Occupational Therapist and an Optometrist.

So we are seeing the Occupational Therapist and Little Missy is in occupational therapy every week. We decided to not do tests again, because the OT feels she does not want to test again within six months from the previous testing, and to cut out paying for another round of tests and a report.

The day before yesterday we saw the Optometrist, and although her vision is perfect, she apparently needs glasses to help her eyes relax when she is reading. She also "needs" Visual Therapy to help her before she starts with reading. What is Visual Therapy? (I should have asked, but I was flabbergasted!) 

Luckily Little Missy is besotted with her new glasses, and couldn't wait to use them at school today.

I feel it is all too much! 
To address a problem when there was no problem in the first place?
It is also costing an arm and a leg. (Luckily we have medical aid.)

I would like to know how many children go to one of these assessments and walk out of there without having to go for follow-up therapies? 
Is it not only a big money-making scheme, with referrals keeping them all going? 

For how long are we now going to have to carry on with this?

It is also very disruptive. Little Missy misses a very important hour each week in school because she has to go for OT. Mom and Dad needs to take time off from work to drive her around.

Do we also not place a label on Little Missy for struggling or having issues when there was none before?


  1. I think you.might be.on to something. I have never actually heard of anyone walking out without a "you need more" diagnosis...

  2. I'm going to start by saying I'm sorry but this is going to be a long response. My eldest daughter is 8 now and in Grade 2. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and had this fear that because it is genetic she might have it as well. She had her first assessment at age 4 for school readiness. Everything was awesome, she scored well above average and the only problem they could find that she still struggles to pronounce some letters. The therapist told me not to worry as she is 4 and this should sort itself out. She does not see the need for further therapy. I, being the crazy mother I am, wanted a second opinion on the speech and took her for therapy. After one session I was told she is normal and it is not needed. In her grade R (age 6) year I took her for another school readiness test and again she scored above average. So the point of this story is that I believe in doing these things before it is needed so if there is a potential problem it can be sorted out. My reason behind it is, because so many Dr have told my mother over the years the the problems my siblings and I have should sort it self out and it never did. Both my brothers needed so much help to get through high school because problems not being sorted fast enough. We are advised to take children for a school readiness test in halfway through their Gr R year. I believe that if there is a problem 6 months is not enought o sort it out. these things should be done at least a year before.

    So to answer your question I know of other people who have had their children tested and came home with an A+ and didn't need any additional therapy.

    1. Hi Charlotte Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it! I will relax and take her with an open heart/mind for all the therapies as suggested :D

  3. Sjoe Karin. Partykeer dink ek hierdie is alles net 'n geldmaak storie. Ek is seker Mieka is 100%..


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