Monday, 7 July 2014

Twenty one years of joy

Photo: Patrick Pretorius

To my darling daughter

21 years!

Yes, it's flown by in a blink of an eye, but it has also feel like it's been forever! You have always been with us, and also not!

You are already making a life for yourself, and we love the fact that you still enjoy coming back home to us!

That you are in our lives, and that you are always a delight!

People are always telling me how beautifully mannered you are, and that you are such a light and a pleasure to be around. It's got more to do with the person you are, than our own inputs.

Thank you for being a great daughter!
Thank you for being a great sister!

We all love you very much!

I know you are feeling a bit unsure at the moment about where life is going to take you, and that your expectations vs. reality are stressing you. But I know you are going to grab all the opportunities coming your way, and that you will make the best of your life!

We are cheering from the sides.
Feeling very proud!

No, I am not sad that you are 21!
I am glad that we got here, and that we can look forward to sharing your joys and your milestones!


Photos from the Gatsby Party we had on Saturday at Chicago's Piano Bar!
It was a blast!

Rick, the Creative behind the cake!

Photo: Patrick Pretorius

With family
Photo: Patrick Pretorius

Photo: Patrick Pretorius

Family: Gatsby style!
Photo: Patrick Pretorius

Friends at Chicago's
Photo: Patrick Pretorius

Little Missy

Helping Sis to blow out her candle!

Chicago's Piano Bar


  1. Thank you so much, Mom! You spoiled me rotten and made my day great! I love you lots! xx

  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday, wishing your daughter a very happy year ahead.

  3. Wow looks like amazing party and venue! Happy birthday Student!

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter's 21st.


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