Thursday, 3 July 2014

How to blow up a balloon without blowing into it #science

Hubby bought a science book for Little Missy, and she has been enthralled by all the easy experiments! We are constantly bugged to do another one!

This is great for the winter holidays when you want to do something of value with your little ones.

The recipe is easy:

Plastic bottle
Sodium bicarbonate / baking-soda

1. Pour vinegar into eighth of bottle.
2. Pull balloon over a funnel, and drop one and half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate into it.
3. Pull balloon over opening of bottle, preventing the bicarbonate from spilling into bottle before it is secured onto the bottle.
4. Hold the bottle securely when pulling up the balloon to dump the sodium bicarbonate into the bottle.
5. Carbonic acid gas is released which makes the balloon blows up.

It really works!

From the book: Doen dit self Wetenskap (Do it yourself Sience)


  1. Nifty...I am going to show my grandbabies that trick.

  2. Cool! You should try the volcano too, it works in a similar way but you need red food colouring and a volcano shaped cone.


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