Thursday, 1 August 2013

Becoming sad and desperate for a baby - Hoping

Why is it so difficult to adopt a baby?

We hear of so many children and babies who are looking for parents....
So many children and babies who are in places of safety and children's homes...

Their adoptive parents are sad and desperate to adopt them!
They want them! They have a place for them in their home!
They are ready for them.
Now! This minute!
They are exploring all avenues.

They are waiting and hoping, but sometimes the waiting gets too much!

I don't understand it that it must be such a difficult process with so much red tape and money, dependent on the whims/competence of welfare workers!

I saw this post today from a colleague and I just wanted to say: Your baby is out there!
(I know that!)

If any of you have any suggestions on how to make this happen, or perhaps have a contact detail? That would be appreciated!
There must be some place or something that they have not yet explored?

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  1. I don't know why it is so hard to adopt a child either, it should be free to adopt a child. The only thing you need is love but that's just me I guess.

  2. I have just come here from another blog and could not help but leave a comment.. I am the mum of an adopted daughter. I am in australia and the process of adopting a child from overseas is very hard very long and very costly.. It took us a long time.. 9 years.. I know the desperation, the heart ache, the questions.. there was no easy way for us.. we had to go through all the right departments, answer all the questions, over and over.. I suggest getting into a support group and keeping busy.. While I was waiting I got an aid package together and someone was able to take it over seas to an orphanage for us. It is hard, it isn't fair, but it is worth it! All the best to your friend.. they are not alone, but they do need to be strong.. love lizzy

  3. Thank you.... a lot.... for your ear as well, and your positive energy. My question is, where to look, or should it all be left in the hands of a social worker? Well, just one of thousands of questions....

  4. I understand that desperation. We again struggle to find people who have big hearts and are prepared to foster children that are in desperate need of love and care. It is sad that so many children are left in dire circumstances because there is no safe place for them to go.
    Retha, sterkte. Ek hoop jou proses is kort.

  5. Thank you Lynette! Foster care is a different ballgame.... exactly how does it work?


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