Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy belated birthday, Dear Blog!

I passed the four year Blogoversary mark of this blog, without even giving it a thought!
It was on the 13th of August already!

Happy belated birthday, Dear Blog! You have brought me so much joy!

In blogging years this blog is aged, but it keeps on going...
I am not yet ready to let it go, especially since we have a Little Missy keeping us on our toes with all her sayings and doings.

I also have so much to learn about the ages and the phases that they are going through.
Although we have The Student, and we are supposed to have some Experience or Parenting skills, but we can't fall back on it!
Parenting and children and The Times they are a-changing, all the time!
And we forget so very easily...
And no children are the same!
We can't say that we know how to raise a little one.
It does not come naturally or instinctively!

I get a lot of feedback and wise words and information in the blogosphere! I would not have learnt so much had it not been for this little blog.
Thank you, Dear Blog!

I started as a mom blogging, and I am still on my quest for juggling being a mom, working full-time, trying to continue with my studies, and finding balance at home with a reconstructed family.
One day we will get there!

I am surprised at some of the posts that reached all-time highest stats:

1. Mountain climbing at the Botanical Gardens

2. 5 Tips on how to survive Stork Parties

3. Infant dyschezia translates into not sleeping

4. Tips picked up while camping with the toddler

5. Stuff you allow your toddler to do

Blogging on!

(Photo: Patrick Pretorius)


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