Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Coffee & Chocolate Heaven

Coffee & Chocolate Expo at Montecasino

I love love love coffee!
I love love love chocolate!

Combine these two at the Coffee & Chocolate Expo and you get a little bit lot of Heaven!

I was so lucky to win two tickets through Waiting for Meg at The Sun House blog.
(One day I will win the big cruise, or the car, but until then this was a good keep-on-filling-in-the-competitions motivation!)

I did not think I could get too much of either coffee of chocolate, but it is possible! We did not explore all the options, or I and Little Missy would have combusted in sugar and caffeine overload!

Tasting Queen

Our first coffee stop


The outdoor area at Montecasino

We had an espresso chocolate beer here

One of the many many stalls here
We did not explore all the workshops and coffee and chocolate tastings.
Next year I also want to check out the app (http://eventmobi.com/coffeechocexpo/) that they  helped us to download with all the info and news and navigation about the expo.

Did I mention there was wine as well? There was!

Next year, definitely!


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