Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pink walk for hope #ithembawalkathon

It was the annual iThemba Walkathon again today!

It has become a yearly walk for us to do!

It has struck me today that it is a walk for hope! It is about being able to overcome, of being survivors!
The dreaded C diagnosis does not mean it is final! NO!

"Early detection saves lives!" 

We all had so much fun, while we were also reminded of people walking in remembrance of their loved ones!

The Little Missy started the day on a bad note, with a tantrum or two, but it got much better with the walk!

With Cass who was convinced at the last minute to come along

The final hill that felt like Polly Shortts
We made it!

A great crowd of nearly 20 000 people!

Next year we do it again...

Thanks to iThemba for organising a great event!

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  1. LOL! Your princess looks rather grumpy. So glad you enjoyed the walk.


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