Thursday, 10 October 2013

iPads at Moshoeshoe Primary School - changing the South African education landscape #iSchoolAfrica

I had the wonderful opportunity to see how iPads have been implemented in a primary school in Daveyton. By now all know that I have a passion for the iPad especially, and that I would love my own child to have access to it in her education.
The statistics worldwide shows an amazing increase in results across the board when there is an implementation of this type of technology in schools.

The initiative is part of an iSchoolAfrica Support Programme together with the Peermont School Support Programme (funded by Emperors Palace and Peermont Global). 
Through this kind of initiatives the same technology is available to government schools as is available in private schools.

Moshoeshoe Primary School
The Moshoesghoe Primary School started with a mobile lab of 20 iPads, and it has been increased to 50 iPads that are in mobile suitcases. The costs to the sponsors are significantly lower than erecting a computer lab, and the mobile labs go from class to class.
The teachers get hands-on training and workshops and the apps for use in the education (synced with the curriculum) are pre-loaded on the iPads.

We had the opportunity to see how iPads are used in the English and mathematics classes. In the English classes they are creating e-books, doing mind-mapping and planning, and presenting their final books to the classes. 
In the mathematics classes they are playing games to learn the basic concepts. I would have loved to do maths like this!
English teacher about the creation of an iBook on the iPad

The children working on BookCreator
A student presenting her iBook about an African culture to the class
The children doing maths by pairing bubbles. How cool is this?
Children in the mathematics class
iSchoolAfrica poster
Doing maths on the iPad
The Head of the Moshoeshoe Primary School
The Head of the school finally told us how much this initiative has meant to her school as well as the community. They are proud of what they have achieved. The teachers love working with the technology, and they see the impact of this technology in their final results.

They have a goal of 60/60 by 2015. 60% of the children to reach a 60% grade in their main subjects.
It is a reachable goal with the implementation of iPads.

It was extremely inspiring!

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