Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday is a big bonus after a week of concerts

It has been a very looooong week!

We have been busy with getting the little one ready for five concerts. She had to have her make-up on and locks in her hair. It has been daunting for me. (I am not a very good make-up person, or a hair person...) Little Missy was sleeping with silk stockings in her hair each night. I am very proud I got her looking concert-ready, five times in a row!

We had a function on Tuesday, and the other nights were spent at the school. I feel wasted!
I don't know how the teachers must feel? I can only imagine!
(We only had to sort one little person!)

We also had a great view of the concert. NOT!
We will have to wait for the DVD to see how the garden fairy ballerinas really performed. But it looked cute from the distance. (Little Missy is the one on the left, at the back-end of the queue...)

We are very grateful that the concert was on for only 45 minutes, and that each group got one item to perform! A big thumbs-up to the school for keeping it short!

Concerts done and dusted for this year!

Thank you, Friday! We are welcoming you with open arms.

A weekend of sunshine is up ahead! We are going to chill!
Hope you have a great Friday and weekend as well!

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  1. Well done!!! Sounds exhausting. We have beerfest at the school tonight where I have to dress up in a traditional German womens outfit and serve pitchers of beer. Yeah:) At least the concert is a long way off. She looks so cute in the little fairy outfit.

  2. It is a hectic time of year. Everything happening at the same time...exhausting. She looks so cute with her locks.


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