Monday, 21 October 2013

The stories she tells

The conversations in the car on our way back home:

(Where does she get it?)


She sees a car that's been in an accident, and tells me that her car is also broken, but that they can't fix it in "the other world." They do not have glue or tape to fix cars in her world. She is having trouble now to get back to her house in that world.

The pink house that's in the clouds, and that is too far away!


Her dad and I won't be able to come and visit her now!

"I am very sorry, okay Mom! Okay?"


I have to write this down, because by tomorrow I would have forgotten it. One day I would like to remember how she stuck to this story of her pink house in the clouds. And that she threatens us with not being able to visit her when we have done a transgression towards her!


Very precious!


What stories are you being told?


  1. Shame, I wonder what the deeper meaning is here? She sure has a vivid inner life! Gorgeous girl.

  2. I have also gotten in the habit of writing down the cute things my little ones say and do. She is such a cutie and has a wonderful imagination.


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