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The INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer is all you need - review

INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer with print coming out
INSTAX Mini Link 

Ever since we got the INSTAX Mini 9 as a gift at a Fujifilm INSTAX launch a few years back, we have been doting on the INSTAX range for that instant photo gratification. We got the INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer to test, and we now believe that it is all gadget you need! The 200g INSTAX Mini Link compact palm-top printer comes with unique functions to make this printer a must-have for any event, function or party.

The INSTAX Mini Link app is a free app on the iStore and Google Play store which downloads super fast and easy to create high-quality INSTAX instant prints via bluetooth from a smartphone camera roll. The set-up is quick, and very user-friendly.

INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer with INSTAX prints
INSTAX Mini Link printer 

The following features of the INSTAX Mini Link are worth mentioning:

10 AWESOME features of the INSTAX Mini Link 

1. Lightweight portable printer

The 200g handheld INSTAX Mini Link is small enough to fit into any bag to carry around, and to place strategically for any spur-of-the-moment or best memory print.

2. Speed of printing

A print is transferred in ± 12 seconds. The IINSTAX Mini Link printer supports continuous printing, with a battery charge able to print 100 INSTAX prints before having to recharge.

3. Video Print functionality 

The Mini Link app gives the option to select a smartphone video frame from a video to print the perfect moment in time. We love this option, as it is easy to capture that perfect jump in the air shot!

4. Party Print 

Five smartphones can be connected simultaniously to the printer, where a combined picture can be created in one INSTAX collage print. When selected, the Surprise Mode function keeps the final collage print a secret until the print develops.

5. Customisation of INSTAX prints with design frames

INSTAX Mini Link app - design frame print
INSTAX Mini Link design frames

The INSTAX Mini Link app can be used to enhance smartphone photos, with a variety of design frames, artistic filters and/or by changing the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image.

6. Collage print

Users can combine up to eight pictures into a single INSTAX print collage via the app.

INSTAX Mini Link app collage print
INSTAX Mini Link Collage print

7. Intuitive operability 

The INSTAX Mini Link app has been designed for intuitive operability such as swiping up on the smartphone screen to easily transfer a picture for printing. The printer can also receive picture data from FUJIFILM’s X Series and GFX System digital cameras via the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app to produce prints.

8. The INSTAX Mini Link used as remote control

The INSTAX Link's built-in motion sensor can be used to remotely control the smartphone camera.  Zoom in by facing the printer down, zoom out by facing up, and release the shutter by pressing the power button. Print multiple copies of a picture by holding the INSTAX Mini Link upside down and pressing the power button.
Stand the Mini Link vertically and the traditional Print Mode is activated, allowing one to print images from a smartphone and even select a frame from a video to print. When printing with friends, Fun Mode is selected when the Mini Link is placed horizontally. This gives users access to a range of features, including Party Print, Collage Print and Match Test, a fun way to check the compatibility of friends.

 9. The INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer colours

Available in three colours - Dusky Pink, Ash White and Dark Denim, which are all very cool!

10. Retail price under R2000

Takealot sells INSTAX Mini Link for R1889, and a Fujifilm Instax Mini Film retails for about R150 - R170, depending on the colours.
This is a great gadget to have, and to give! (Hint, hint!)

11. Smartphone photos

The most important: You are not reliant on the INSTAX camera for the prints, but uses your smartphone to print much better quality photos, especially with the customisation options.

For more information:  INSTAX Mini Link


Disclaimer: We have been sent the INSTAX Mini Link Printer to test for 10 days.

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