Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Cutest cloud surprises with Cloudees

Cloudees Wistful Platypus and Cloudees Mini Surly Panda
An awesome collectable surprise with a weather-based theme. What's not to like? Kids get a magical cloud container, with a surprise Mattel Cloudees pet inside. There are 14 large Cloudees and 14 accompanying Cloudees Mini pets to collect. They are super cute!

We give our rating below why we love this collectables so much. (We maybe love small desk buddies more than we should, but look at them!)

Check out the Miss Fine Insta IGTV's first.

And the Cloudees Minis

We give Cloudees a 4/5 as toy. These are the reasons:



- Cloudees come in "cloud"-form containers that can be used to carry the "pets".

- The Cloudees pets and the accompanying Cloudees Minis are grouped in weather-based villages, for example Wistful Platypus is from Raindrop Village, and Surley Panda is from Stormyville.

- They come as surprise toys which are only revealed when opened.

- Cloudees come in a container with a substance, that needs to be activated with water. It is a very cool activity for kids to do.

- The rain/snow that forms, is a super surprise, and great for sensory play!

- Cloudees and Cloudees Minis are collectable, and the first 28 are already available. A search revealed that more can be expected in future.

- They are so cute! The detail, and especially those fluffy tails, are a must-have!

Negatives: (Why the rating was a 4)

- The rain/snow got a bit of a fungus after it was left in the container. We had to throw it away.

Cloudees are super awesome as gifts, and boys and girls will love the cloud-making activity!

Disclaimer: We got a Cloudees and a Cloudees Minis to unbox. Thanks, Mattel!

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