Thursday, 18 April 2019

It's a Friday

Karen Bitmoji: Is it Friday yet?
On a Thursday
It's basically Friday today. Although on the calendar it says Thursday. It's Easter weekend and we are looking forward to it. Even Miss Fine said she couldn't wait. She has been picked up at school early by her dad.

I am out of the office in a few hours, and the weekend is here.

Of course we would have loved to go away. Travel anywhere would have been nice.

In the meantime we will be living our best lives at home, chilling and coach-surfing. My to-do list is as short as possible, but here goes:

Plans for an Easter Weekend at home 

- Chill with the family.

- Do an Easter egg hunt. (Although Miss Fine is 10, she still hinted that she would love to do one. We bought some provisions at CNA last week)

- Braai with the family.

- Watch some series, and some movies lined up. We are into If I hadn't met you and Russian Doll at the moment.

- Attend Paasfest tomorrow.

- Fix Miss Fine's blazer for school. She has Choir lined up for next week.

- Read The Good Professional by Don Turner, before BookTasters fire me for taking so long to read the books. I have a really good feeling about this one.

- Help Miss Fine with preparations for a speech.

- Make some Easter craft with Miss Fine. She has a How To project for school and decided on an Easter thingy to make. I wish the second season of The Derry Girls would become available soon.

- I have to do two reviews on the blog. I am really impressed with the AgeWell skincare range. After a month I can see a remarkable difference. The Baby Born Soft Touch also needs a write-up. She is super cute and cuddly! (They are both #gifts)

- Do absolutely nothing!

What are your plans for the long weekend?

What are you watching?

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  1. Glad you will be relaxing this weekend, I plan to do the same. My mom is here which is nice.


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