Monday, 9 October 2017

Safe travels, Ouma Violet!

Violet Virginia Theunissen 
Our Ouma finally took her leave from this earth. She was 96 years!

Finally, because it could not have been that comfortable to still be here. The eyes and the hearing were not good anymore, and she was confined to her bed and a chair. Her children and grandchildren are scattered, and could not visit her often. Luckily she had her daughter nearby!

She also had the angels looking after her at the old age home in eMalahleni. We saw Cecilia again at the gratitude service on Friday, one of the many angels looking after the frail. Ouma Violet used to call her her mother. Even till the end, says Cecilia!

There are so many anecdotes we all remember about her.

One of my favourites is the fact that she always had a bee in her bonnet. She used to say, "Ons kan nie net so sit nie!" (We can't just sit around like this!). She wanted to do something on a Sunday afternoon after we had a our big lunch. Even though we warned her that we would be reading and some taking an afternoon nap, she always used to say it! (It still makes me smile.)

She was also always wishing to win the big one, and to give it to all her children and grandchildren. If she had won it, her plan would have been to buy a car, and get one of her grandchildren to drive her around.

She loves action and people and going places!
In another life she would probably have been a world traveler!

Ouma Violet, may you enjoy the next adventure!
It was a great to have an Ouma for so many years, and that my youngest could meet you and remember you!


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    1. Thanks, Louisa! It is always sad for the people staying behind.

  2. Sorry for your loss and glad you remember the good things about her.


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