Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Only 7 days left of being all alone at school!

Little Miss had a little breakdown last night!

She does not have friends at school, and the children do not want to play with her! She walks alone before school, and sits with her jersey pulled over her legs in the mornings. She has no friends in the mornings. She does not have friends who want to play with her at breaks, and she has to eat her food on her own. The ballet girls do not want to partner with her, and she’s the odd one out! (You saw that, Mom! Yes, I did!) This is what she told me again last night!

What can a mother (and father) do? We both wanted to console her last night! (Our hearts are breaking with her!)

Only to remind her that she has 7 days left of this school year! Next year is going to be better because it is going to be in a new school with new friends! (I really hope so!)

She is such a sensitive little person, and sometimes she goes into analysis paralysis! I do not always see a lonely girl when I go to fetch her at school, but if it is her perspective that nobody wants to play with her! That IS her life right now!

I am planning to use Cat’s advice next year, of identifying a strong girl and organising play dates from the start!

Only 7 days! This day included!
Maybe it is just this year that had enough?
You can do this, Little Miss!


  1. Wishing her a lovely year next year!This will break a moms heart

  2. My heart breaks! Have the same problem with my little boy. He had a few friends but then some nasty kids joined their group and started to be horrid to him, now he is alone again

    1. Sorry to hear Sula! I hope it goes better in the new year! :-(

  3. What a great opportunity to read a great story book during breaks. Surely there is other lonely kids on the school playground maybe she can make friends with them.

    1. Hi Mauruschka, that's a good idea! To search for other lonely kids on the playground! I will suggest it to her!

  4. ag tog!
    School was also not such a great time for me. I like the book suggestion.


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