Monday, 14 November 2016

94.7 Kiddies Ride - a Spur Sports success

Little Miss said yes when asked if she wanted to take part in the 94.7 Kiddies ride. She was a bit apprehensive, and  worried what would happen if she do not win. But luckily they were all winners and all got a medal. (I know! I know! But for Little Miss it worked very well, and she could go past that anxious nature of hers!)

We found the 94.7 Kiddies Ride a very well organized event where we did not have to worry about any logistics! It was a smooth operation! All the kids (and adults) had fun! The adults were running along, or cheering from the sidelines. It was such a good day out and the weather played along!

There are four divisions with the Kiddies Rides, and Little Miss was in the Lions group.
How cool is this photo from Dad's phone done by Google photos?
Selfie before the race

Waiting for the race to start
The Lions group had to go without the parents

Spur sponsors and is involved in various sporting disciplines to promote an active lifestyle for parents and children.

Spur hosted us as part of this campaign. They paid for Little Miss' racing fees, and we got the famous Spur Burger afterwards!
#spursports #CCKiddies
Refueling with Spur after the race

We are planning to do the 94.7 Family Ride next year!  (Definitely!)

Thanks Spur Sports for the opportunity! We would not have known how much fun this is if you have not invited us!


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