Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Working Mothers Expo - next time I am taking a day!


The Working Mothers Expo finally came around this past weekend. We went to the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday afternoon. I plan to take a day (at least) next time (in May!) to pamper and experience more than we could in an afternoon

I listened to two speakers, Janice Windt, the MD of Working Mothers Expo, and Shaney from You Baby and I.

Janice Windt
Janice Windt shared her parenting and career journey up until The Working Mothers Expo. She is already planning the next Working Mothers Expo for next year as well.

A great life hack from her: Life hack - take 5 min each day to write down priorities! 

Shan Vijendranath
Shan is a very successful blogger who stressed the importance of a social media strategy:

Her tips for a social media strategy include the following points:

1. Identify clear goals
2. Know your target market
3. Listen and compare, but stay authentic
4. Pick the right platforms
5. Build your brand
6. Mix it up by keeping up with Industry Trends
7. Engage your audience
8. Attract potential clients
9. Listen to your analytics
10. Plan and schedule

Little Miss loved the Bounce Inc area, and could not get enough! There were lots for her to do!

But next time I will definitely take a day to listen to more speakers, to take my time through the exhibitors, and to get a pamper in! (And maybe leave the rest of the family at home...)

I finally found the Mooncup (menstrual cup) at the Expo, but that warrants its own post.

Disclaimer: We got a family ticket for one day at the Expo.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun that I missed and some good speakers too.


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