Friday, 11 November 2016

Bowling with the kids


I don't know why we haven't gone bowling before, but this is a great activity to do with the children! We went bowling three weeks back at Northcliff Bowling with the Voortrekkers. The kids had a ball! (Pun intended! Sorry! ;-) )

For only R30 a kid they kept themselves busy for more than an hour playing a game with a group of 4-5. The bowling alley put up barriers to keep the ball from going into the trenches, which makes it much easier for the children to get into the game!

We are going to be at home for most of the holidays, and  I am starting to think of all the fun and inexpensive ways to make the holidays fun! This is going to be one of the activities!

What suggestions do you have for activities with the children during the holidays that does not cost an arm and a leg?


  1. So why does bowling cost twice the price here? I wonder. We had a ball at Zambi Bush which is far for you (norhern side of Pretoria) but excellent value for money for a full day of fun

  2. Looks like fun. At Cresta? The games next door area also fun. Also fun to go to the toy shop and play lego. Will hopefully keep the whats on going in case there is free stuff coming up!

    1. It's at Northcliff Corner.
      Thanks for the What's On on South African Mom blogs! I always check to see what's happening!

  3. This is actually something the grownups also enjoy xx


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