Friday, 24 June 2016

SA Musician Garth Taylor to fight for children fighting cancer

Garth Taylor #YouPledgeIFight #cancer #children Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Garth Taylor #YouPledgeIFIGHT
Fridays are for caring! On this blog, at least!
There is so much wrong in this world, but fighting for a good cause and channeling your energy into giving or helping someone are what this world is all about! And what makes it worth the while!

That's why I get all excited when I see local musician Garth Taylor getting involved into a fundraising effort for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. He was the South African Amateur Kickboxing Champion in 2014 in the Light Contact category. (I did not know that!!) The Childhood Cancer Charity, Little Fighters Cancer Trust, offers individualised and practical support to children fighting cancer, and their families, across South Africa. 

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Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Garth says, “After having my sister, Joanne, taken away from me by cancer, I have even more of a soft spot toward people who are fighting cancer. Having watched what she went through as an adult fighting this disease, I can only imagine how much worse it is for children who are suffering from cancer, to fight this battle. So, I figured, how bad can it be? Me, stepping into the ring and getting punched around for kids who are fighting for their lives every single day. I might as well see what I can do, if not through my singing, then by getting into the ring and doing something more exciting, so that people and companies pledge money and hopefully we can raise enough funds to help these little kids. I see cancer as a big bully hurting these children, and that is what I will be fighting for.”

Pledges and donations to get Garth into the ring will be administered via Garth Taylor You Pledge I Fight
Once the target amount of R100 000.00, has been raised and/or pledged, Garth’s boxing match, which will be part of “White Collar Boxing 14” will be confirmed and his opponent will be announced.

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  1. Such a worthy cause albeit a sad one but every cent counts


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