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Jonty, the dinosaur who could not go to sleep #appreview

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Jonty the dinosaur who could not go to sleep 
Jonty reminds us of a Little Miss we have in our house. She struggled to go to sleep since the day she was born. We have sorted out most of the niggles, but even this week she fell asleep in the car on her way home. And she could not go to sleep after that...

Jonty is the sweetest character in this iPad app that is great for toddlers as well as children learning to read. It is also wonderful for learning to read a second language, such as Little Miss that is 7 year old and is only starting to read English now in Grade 2.

There is four modes in the app: Read to me, Read it myself, Autoplay and Add to story.

The story is interactive and objects can be moved, and some objects can even be added to the story. The child are able to record her own story and add it in. There is background music with a lullaby quality to it which really adds to the bedtime story routine!

There is an option to print colouring sheets for children.

iPad app
Jonty the dinosaur who could not go to sleep

iPad app
Interaction with objects on Jonty the dinosour app

iPad app
Add your own story and objects on Jonty the dinosour

iPad app
Beautiful illustrations on Jonty the dinosour who could not go to sleep

There is a Lite app available that's for free: Jonty the dinosour who could not go to sleep

There is also the full version that's avalaible for $2.99: In-App purchase available!

My only gripe with this app is that it is not available on the iPhone, and that is is only available on iOS.

Disclaimer: I got a free code for the full version!


  1. Cute app for the littlies

  2. You always have such cool suggestions. I like this one.

  3. Sad it isn't Available on the iPhone... No iPad in this household . Hopefully one day they make an android version and an iPhone version


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