Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Titanic Expo - It's the personal stories that makes it so memorable

I was fortunate enough to win the tickets to the final days of the Titanic Expo in Johannesburg.
(I was invited to the launch, but The Student had the accident, and we could not go!)

We thoroughly enjoyed the Titanic Expo on Saturday! Even Little Miss could not wait to take a postcard and her boarding pass to show and tell on Monday!

Each one receives a boarding pass with a name of an actual person on that journey! At the end of the Expo you can look through the list of names to see if your passenger has made it. We had one passenger that did not make it!

That is the one thing that makes this experience worthwhile! Connecting the personal stories! I must admit that I had to wipe a few tears during the Expo (but that's just me!). The background research and information that have been gathered is immense and thought-provoking!

We could not take photos inside the exhibition, but some can be found here: Titanic Expo Gallery

This video also gives a good insight into the history and the Expo: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The Expo is on its way to Cape Town. It is worth the visit!

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  1. Oh it is well worth it! So glad you still got to see it

  2. so glad you enjoyed it! I did too.


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