Monday, 16 November 2015

The Little Toys that Aren't - Great project from the Topsy Toy Project!

The Little Toy that Aren't

A toy project that involves a Toy Library! This is definitely something that has been added to my online Christmas Shopping list!

Little Miss was sent a "Princess Jewellery"-item from the series of The Little Toys that Aren't - which are available for purchase on Spree. The donations are helping to stock a Toy Library in Mpumalanga.

We all know how important play is to our children, and that they do not play enough!  

The Topsy Foundation is an NGO that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Mpumalanga. There is often not enough money to put food on the table and keep the household going, let alone provide toys for the kids to play with. These circumstances are robbing them of the opportunity to develop some of the vital skills they’ll need later in life. 

The Topsy Toy Project is trying to right this wrong. Kids in the communities where Topsy work end up playing with whatever junk they find lying around. Their makeshift robots, dolls, cars and fairy wands inspired our own range of toys – The Little Toys that Aren’t.

Through a partnership with Spree and Your Parenting, these bits and pieces are being virtually sold online as real toys. Shoppers are able to make a donation by “buying” one of ten different toys, with the full amount going straight to Topsy to stock their Toy Library.
Through the Topsy Toy Library, partnerships have been formed with twenty-three day care centres in the area, as well as a centre for physically disabled kids. With Topsy’s help, more than 1 400 children are now getting access to specialised educational toys and better-trained teachers. We’d like this campaign to also spark a bigger conversation about early childhood development and how important it is for parents, teachers and nannies to help kids learn through play.
Spree is available on mobile as well, and it is very easy adding one of these Little Toys that Aren't as a R20 donation on the site.

Spree on Mobile

Princess Jewellery - The Little Toy that Aren't
We are struggling to contain the overflow of toys in our house, and it is humbling to see that kids can play with make-shift toys like these.

I hope that this project will help more children to play with the real thing!

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