Thursday, 16 July 2015

Things that are not so nice about America - travel insights from San Antonio

- The heat in summer. You can't spend too much time outside. With temperatures of over 30 degrees it gets very uncomfortable! A braai (barbecue) outside for the whole day is not possible! The heat and the mosquitos make it impossible!

- As much as there is the most wonderful food options available, I found myself saying "disgusting" many many times to all the processed and packaged options that are available! Where have you heard of a hamburger with a waffle on top with syrup accompanying it?

- Most of the coffee in the restaurants are not good! They also don't do cappuccinos very well. Starbucks gets my best vote!

- There were fireworks each and every night. The poor animals...

- The president did not deliver on his promises (say the locals).

- Although they celebrated their independence there were a lot of discussion going on in the blogosphere about the fact that they are not free!

- The education system is also not of the greatest. Teachers are not paid decent salaries, and home schooling and private education seem to be the way to go!

- They are still debating gay rights, although gay marriages are allowed since only very recently!

- The air con in all the buildings is a necessity, but it detaches from the outside world.

This is the best negative list I can come up with. The positives of America that we experienced in San Antonio still far outweigh the negatives.

It looks like a great lifestyle to be living!


  1. fireworks every night? no ways...

  2. I still can't get used to the unbearable heat and the share portion of the food!!! and sometimes the food combo makes my tummy churn. And I found mcD quite pricey

  3. On the President note... you did visit the South and most of them hate Obama. The day a black man became President they already hated him. I always enjoy listening to people moaning about politics when I travel. They should just try our lot for one day. I agree on the food and the coffee though. Yuck!! Food is much better in California and New York as people seem to think about what they eat. Stereotypes I know but the people I have met there match them completely.


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