Tuesday, 27 January 2015

It seems we are set up for 12 years of Voortrekkers

The *Voortrekkers had their first meeting last Saturday, and we realised that we are Voortrekker parents for at least 12 years more. The eldest had her Voortrekkers which she enjoyed (but not as involved as this), and we have to give Little Miss the same "exposure".

[It feels a bit like going down the rabbit hole...]

But it's not that bad! The enthusiasts are doing great things with the children, and they are having fun, fun, FUN!
(And learning something along the way!)

Little Miss is hooked, especially since they started again this year with water sports!

Last year we went camping with the Voortrekkers (#thingsyoudoforyourchildren).
It seems we are going again this year! (Unfortunately we feel that she is still to young to post on a bus for a whole weekend!)
Happy times! (Not that sarcastic!)

I was glad to learn that they stay in their same teams, and that we don't have to buy a whole new set of t-shirts and bags. We can carry on with what we have!

See you at the Voortrekkers!

*Voortrekkers - Think Girl Guides/Boy Scouts

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  1. AG aarde ja, ons ook. Nou al 3. Soms hou ek daarvan, baie maal is ek geirriteerd. Maar nou ja, hulle geniet dit

  2. Dit is wonderlik! Ek het as kind voortrekkers geniet en Wynand en Nadia se twee geniet dit net soveel.

  3. See you at the Voortrekkers ;-)
    Ultimately it is about their enjoyment!

  4. Looks like she is having fun. :)


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