Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First week of school - still getting into it!

First day of school - homework
The first few days of school have passed already. It has been hectic with sorting the after-care, extra-murals, parent meetings and helping with the homework. (And we only have the one child! "Phew!*)

Little Miss has been very tired after each day.

Her first feedback on her first day was that she very surprised that she did not learn to read on the first day!

Little Hoots - First day in Grade 1
Dad had been struggling with her being very clingy in the mornings when he goes to drop her off.
She doesn't want to play with the other friends. Only off course the one friend who does not always reciprocate!
How do you tell/learn a six year old that you can have and play with more than one friend?

We hope it's only because of the new year with new things and that Little Miss will become more relaxed as she gets used to everything.


I had to make an unexpected visit to the dentist yesterday. Little Miss had been complaining about a toothache, but we put it down to all the milk teeth being lost in recent months.

Dr Wayne
It was with a new dentist, but Dr Wayne turned out to be a gem as well. He can speak good Afrikaans! (It was awesome!)

Little Miss cooperated and her tooth was fixed! (The previous time it was a whole hoo-ha! and we had to give her a mild sedative and we had to prepare her before the time...)

I am very proud of her for staying in the chair and sticking it out!


How is the New Year school year treating you?


  1. Surprising it is going very well with our grade 1 and also our grade 2. Our grade 4 is a bit nervous. I hope she is in a different class than that one friend - then she may learn much quicker to play with others

  2. She looks so grown up in her school clothes. Tomorrow school starts here and I will be seeing my three older ones at school.

  3. Awwwww love her enthusiasm at learning to read!!! That's so sweet.

  4. Such a cutie hope she adjusts soon :)

  5. Wow, you have an ambitious little one there with some very high expectations of her school #learn2read. We only starting school tomorrow, but sure it will go well.

  6. Shame man, hope she hits her stride soon. It's probably the upheaval of a new year and a new routine getting to her, right?

  7. I think getting into a new routine is always difficult, hope she settles in. I also have been at the dentist and I have to go back next week. :(

  8. Wow! I'm so proud of that Little Miss for all those positive feedbacks she's been receiving from school. It's just a bummer that she had to experience a toothache, but I believe that everything is good now. Good thing you immediately went to the dentist and got it over and done with. Thanks for sharing! I wish your family all the best!

    Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry


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