Monday, 10 November 2014

Notes from Digital You #jozimeetup

#JoziMeetUp at iStore, Sandton Drive
We had our second blogger meetup in Johannesburg this past weekend thanks to the wonderful efforts of Laura-Kim le Roux of Harassed Mom.

Laura-Kim le Roux
This time she organised two speakers,. and the vibrant actress and presenter Hayley Owen shared some of her insights about their project Digital You.

Hayley Owen

I made some notes about the importance of your own digital profile, as well as looking after the profiles of your children as well.
Especially if you are a Mommy Blogger... We are responsible for the digital profiles of our children as well!


- Treat your own social profiles like a VIP.

- The National Prosecuting Authority has made it illegal to post naked pictures of children online.

- 3 rules to keep in mind with regards online safety. It is also a good idea to teach it to your children (Especially!!)

  • 1 never talk to strangers
  • Never share personal details
  • Don't meet up with any strangers
Digital You
- 1 in 5 teenagers attempt suicide. When posting on social media, imagine that it is the same as writing on the giant billboard.

Digital You

- Against the law to post mean, bullying content online.

 - Signs your child are being bullied

  • Reluctant or refuses to go to school
  • Does not want to participate in after-school activities or play with friends
  • Goes to the nurse in order to avoid going to class
  • Your child suddenly spends much more or much less time texting, gaming or using social-networking websites.
  • After texting or being online, he or she seems withdrawn, upset or outraged
  • Your child asks to have a social media or online account be shut down - Digital You

 - Action steps to take

  • NB save the evidence. Take a screen shot!
  • Ignore contact from bully
  • Block offenders
  • Contact the site and report the perpetrator
  • Report incident to the authorities
  • Crimeline: sms 32211 or call 08600 10111
Digital You

- Reminder to set up strong passwords and filters on computers.

- Sexting: If caught with a picture of a child under 16 - sexy / naked: guilty of child pornography!

- Your CV is no longer well-written CV, but what comes up online!

- Everywhere you go, there's a digital camera around.

- Know the power of a photograph and how long it can stay online.

- Think about the future of your children, and their online reputation that's already available.

- Google yourself and show online footprint.

- Positives and negatives of digital you!

- Do a digital make-over!

- Get online & let people know that you have done a digital make-over

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  1. It was great finally meeting you! And I have already gone ahead and did a Facebook cleanout


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