Thursday, 13 November 2014

7 Quick and dirty tips to cement your personal brand - Stacey Vee #jozimeetup

Stacey Vee of Living Lionheart, Content Candy, iPads for Lionhearts and DigiKids spoke about personal branding at the most recent JoziMeetup.
She turned her personal brand into her full- time job!

She shared with us that she only gets 3000 page views on her Living Lionheart blog, but that she gets R8000 off her blog in a month.

What does it mean to be a brand, anyway?
Your personal brand is your digital footprint online!

Stacey Vee's 7 tips to cement your personal brand:

Focus should be on the following:

1. What are you selling? What's your product?

2. Who's picking up what you are putting down?

    Who is buying your product?

3. Never underestimate the power of your name!

4. Build your brand pillars
    This includes the most important attributes and principles that you want to communicate through your brand

5. Be curious
    Be humble
    Be authentic

Example @melattree

6. What's the story?
    Storytelling has become very important. Stories are powerful! It engages people the most!

7. When it starts to feel stale, reinvents yourself! Again and again!

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  1. Interesting how we each take away different things from the same speaker, it always makes for interesting reading. Hope to see you again at the next event. :)

  2. I really found her very informative. Also a super nice person

  3. Wow...that is awesome. I didn't even think that people could possibly make money from blogging.


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