Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Last time at Horrorwood

This was our last time at Horrorwood at Brightwater Commons, as the parking is a terrible nightmare. It takes ages to get in, and ages to get out.

But we still had some fun, and because we had booked at one of our favourite restaurants, it made it worth the while.

Little Miss was solely responsible for her outfit. 
No, not a princess or fairy for her! (We tried!)

A zombie with spiders. (?)

Trick or sweets! Lots of sweets!

Plate throwing is a definite highlight at Babylon Again.

And finally the slides...


  1. Looks great but I steer away from crowds. In any event we do not even "do" Halloween because honestly around us no one does. Easy cop out for me

  2. I saw the queue of cars going in there in the afternoon! Hectic! I was there earlier and saw all the decor. Looks like it might be fun thing to do when Nicky is older but I'm glad you had a good time at the restaurant, I have also been there once before. Crashing plates def. looks like fun!

  3. Good Morning, thanks for the post, my name is Francois du Buisson, Marketing Manager at Brightwater Commons, we are addressing the parking issues for next year to make sure it will be a more accessible and enjoyable evening.


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