Monday, 24 November 2014

Masterchef in the making?

Masterchefs preparing the fish

Little Miss always tells us that her Dad is a Masterchef, and why don't he also go on the Masterchef series?
It does not help disagreeing with her about how good one should be...
(Not that her Dad is not very good!!)

We had a less busy weekend this past weekend, and Little Miss could help her Dad with his food preparations, which she was happy to do!

We had buckets of rain, but it did not deter us in doing one of our favourite activities: Braai and braai (barbecuing). South Africans always find a reason (or no reason at all) to braai!
And never ever a pattie...

We also had load shedding on Saturday and Sunday evening! (Who did not?)
But there is nothing like candle light and a little bit of Seinfeld to have made it worth the while!
Thanks, Eskom!

We are now counting the sleeps to

  • the holidays, 
  • Little Miss' play-play party at school, 
  • Little Miss' birthday and 
  • Christmas, of course! 

Happy times!


  1. That is such a sweet photo of the two of them. :-)

  2. Cutie! We didn't have load shedding, I guess we just got lucky. :)


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