Thursday, 16 October 2014

Happy family - update

At the airport
This is the busiest time of the year. I don't know why everybody waits until the end of the year for everything to start happening?

But this is not a post loaded with complaints...

It happens each year, and we are actually going with the "flow". December is not that far away, and there is still lots to be done and accomplished!

I was in Cape Town last week for a conference, which I absolutely loved and learnt so many new things in the world of archives. I also loved being in the centre of Cape Town. It is such an inspiring city against the backdrop of Table Mountain.
(Next time I am definitely going to be born on the slopes of that mountain. In one of those mansions!)

I missed my family very much, and so did they! I realized again how much I enjoy being with them and going on adventures with them. Each of my experiences in Cape Town was loaded with the thoughts of "wishing they were there!"

The eldest did a week of shadowing as part of her practicals for her third year. She enjoyed it so much, and she saw the shadow of her future self emerge! It looks as if everything is coming together with her studies, and she has now decided on her post-degree studies as well! I am so proud of her!
Now it is just getting through the last part of the year with lots of tests, assignments and exams to get through.

The youngest and her Dad bonded very well, and it was good for them to spend some time together.
She is beginning to look forward to Grade One, and we have to count each day until her birthday and until it is Grade One. Dad forgot about the OT appointment last week. Luckily he sent me a picture of his cappuccino, and there was still time for him to go and fetch the Little Miss and take her for her OT.
He told me after the week that he did not get much done than focus on her, and that he don't know how single parents cope...

Luckily we are a family that likes being together!
Happy family!
Happy times!

Keep calm!
Breath deep!
December is a month and a half away!


  1. What a lovely update happy that you enjoyed Cape Town and I loved seeing your photos on Facebook.

  2. So glad you had a good time in Cape Town and your family survived without you. Sometimes it's good for Dad to step up! Happy about your student doing so well too.

  3. Lovely to spend time in Cape Town and to be honest a bi of time on your own was probably good too. And my, the oldest is looking more and more like her mom


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