Monday, 20 October 2014

Road safety fun

Children's Road Safety Centre in Martha Avenue, Fontainebleau
The 6-year old Voortrekkers had a road safety outing to the Road Safety Centre in Randburg.
It is in a state of disrepair because the gardens need some serious attention.

But the children still had their fun, and learnt some valuable road safety lessons.

Petrol stop
The bicycles at the centre are still okay to use, and most of them still have the extra wheels. I don't think this is for much older children than 6-year old's, but the small ones had a great time!

Little Missy took her own scooter along

I would not recommend going there on your own, as there are a bunch of shady characters hanging around across the street, but going in a group helps.

You can also make an appointment for a Road Safety Officer  to address the group before they ride around. (It is for free!) Our Voortrekker Officer had to take over the lesson because no-one was available on Friday. 
There was a surly looking officer in attendance, but she got a bit friendlier when she saw the cake...

I hope they do something about the place and the service!
It's got a lot of potential!


  1. I've actually been to this place a few times with my mom's group. We had a kiddies birthday party. The kids had fun on the bikes - they brought their own. It is close to where I live. At that stage Nicky could hardly push himself on the bike but now he is a pro!

  2. Hope they get everything in order again.


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