Monday, 27 October 2014

Apple in Education judging 2014 #AEC2014

I get a yearly shot of inspiration when I see the Apple in Education submissions for the Apple in Education competition. These kids are so creative. They are already working with the technology and with the apps in such a way that it boggles my mind.
I am only now starting to use some of it in my daily life!

I was fortunate enough to be invited again in judging a category, Shape of My World, on Friday.

The competition this year changed it's previous brief and "set out with a series of educational challenges - that could be applied across grades and subjects. Through guiding questions, creative solutions and innovative Apple technology they wanted to see how these projects can be brought to life in extraordinary ways."

Michelle Lissoos of Think Ahead introducing the judges
The students could make use of the following apps on the iPad: Book Creator, Camera, iBooks, Explain Everything and EduCreations. There were four of us in each category, and it helped in making the best choice overall!

Fellow judges: Leyla Haidarian, Nikki Heyman and Hayley Owen

Leyla Haidarian in charge of finding the projects
Nikki Heyman, the Scribe for the day!
We spent more than three hours deliberating on 3 age categories in Shape of My World, and we all had to agree on the best three in each.
It took us longer than the rest, but I am happy to report that we found the best three in each.
It was difficult in most instances, but luckily we had the clear guidelines to adhere to:

"Judging criteria:
- Clear indication that the challenge has been addressed, including clear evidence of planning
- Apple Technology has been used effectively (hardware and appropriate apps)
- The project has been linked to the currriculum
- Concept is creative, innovative and original
- High quality of the project presentation"

The Tweet:

We had a sense at the end of the judging that the teachers could have played a more creative role in suggestion diversity in the use of the apps. There are so many possibilities out there!
Especially with regards the younger age categories. But we were still impressed with the submissions!

The Awards ceremony is on 6 November and I can't wait to see the rest of the categories and how it was interpreted.


  1. I love that you get to see what the young ones can do!

  2. Sounds interesting! Exciting to be working together to encourage the kids.


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