Thursday, 26 June 2014

Seventy is a really good number!

My mom celebrated her seventieth birthday with us at The Drakensberg Sun. She always loves to be on holiday when it is time for her birthday, and this time it was no different!
After the midweek break of last week she and my dad continued with their holiday on the South Coast.

We are grateful to have her in our lives, and that she is still there for the two granddaughters to enjoy!
She helps out with the daughters, and she is always available to babysit Little Missy.

You do not appreciate your own mother more than when you have your own children and realise exactly what she must have done for us! She had four of us, and she was working as well when I went to high school.

Happy birthday, Mom!
We had a great lunch on her special day with a view to die for.

Central Drakensberg
Lunch in the winter sun
At Drakensberg Sun
(I want to come back here - there is at least five hiking trails)

Little Missy in the distance running to the play ground
Finches for company
The beggars got some!
Thanks, Mom, for all you do! 
We are lucky to be able to spend time with you!

And we love the holidays with you and Dad!


  1. Happy Bday to her and how great and special to all spend it at the Berg - the most wonderful place

  2. Happy Bday to your mother. Wonderful that you could spend time in the Drakensberg with her.


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