Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Little Hoot of the day: You have a boring job

This conversation happened in the car yesterday afternoon.

Little Missy told me she was very bored at my work two weeks back when the schools were closed.
She had to keep herself busy for a full working day while I was at the office. She was actually very good. The best she's ever been, and I had to buy her the promised chocolate when we left in the afternoon.


"Why don't you get another job?"

Jobs are not that easy to get and change. Both your dad and I have to work to pay for everything.
I also like my job.

"Dad is not working. You have to go to an office to work."

Your dad's office is at home.

"Your job is boring. I don't want to go there any more!"

You had asked to come with me to my work a long time ago, and I promised that I would take you with. You also enjoyed the box building and the picture making and putting it on my walls...?

"No, it is very boring!"


The Little Hoots app finally launched in beta over the weekend, and I love playing around with it.
It is also free.
It can be downloaded here: LittleHoots on the iTunes store.

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