Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Love List

Things I love
(Not listed in any particular order)

- Sunsets
- Flowers

- Anything to do with my daughters
- Anything to do with my husband
- Our two dogs
- Coming home at night after a long day at work
- Food prepared by Hubby
- Coffee
- Red wine
- Browsing in a book shop
- Browsing in a liquor store at the red wine shelves especially
- My iPad and my phone
- gadgets
- apps
- Archives
- Libraries
- Books
- Coffee shops
- Restaurants
- Eating out
- Braais
- Reading
- Internet surfing
- Internet research
- Coffee dates with friends
- Family gatherings
- When my children are happy
- Romantic comedies
- Movies on the big screen
- Blogging and reading other blogs
- Twitter
- Vacations with my family - anywhere, but especially the beach
- Poetry
- Toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches
- Date nights with Hubby
- The winter sun
- Listening to music

I saw the love/hate list over at Lynette's My Life Perfectly Imperfect-blog who followed it from Allie's footsteps.

It is good to see how many things there are on the list!
It is also a work in progress...

Maybe I will work on the hate list, maybe not... I prefer to spend my energy here!

Please let me know when you have compiled your own lists?


  1. I love your list...and yes I is good to focus on the positive.

  2. Sounds like a great list! Hope you enjoy the sunset sipping wine and enjoying your Ipad! lol!

  3. No, don't work on the hate list. It's way better to think about the things you love.

  4. Red wine! I forgot red wine! Great list


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