Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring, you are here!

Little Missy was extremely excited to hear that it is Spring, and couldn't wait to put on her new fairy dress (thanks to the sister's boyfriend and China Mall) today. She is wearing her princess shoes with that, and a vest underneath.
It was a chilly weekend and chilly start to the week today.
(Let's hope it is the last of the cold weather!)
She didn't want to pose for a photo, because she was still asleep this morning at six...

We were giggling this morning about the wings which got stuck onto everything.
I am not sure the dress is going to stay white, but that is a problem for later...

We let her wear what she wants, and let her experience the consequences of her clothing choices. She does not believe us when we tell her it is a cold day, or that the clothes are impractical!
Which usually turns into a massive tantrum if we deny her!
(There is a back-up set of clothes in her school bag.)

It is much less stressful for all!
She quickly tells us that she is cold when we go outside!


We had a very relaxing weekend, with a Student that kept us busy with errands. But it was very nice to have her home! It is a busy time of the year coming up, and we won't be seeing much of her for a bit!
We miss her!

How was your Spring weekend?

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