Thursday, 5 September 2013

Having fun with an iPhone and a MINI Paceman in Johannesburg #iPhoneographySA #iStoreSA

I had so much fun today. I got to take photos with an iPhone for an iPhoneography photo walk in Johannesburg, as well as being driven around in a Mini Cooper S Paceman.

The iPhone was on loan, and I am totally i-jealous after I saw how easy it was to take very nice photos with it.

The igers and iphoneographers have been doing it for about three years, and the big hype is taking part in the competition which launched today - the excitement of the yearly iPhoneography exhibition. Anybody with an iPhone can submit their photos to be entered in the competition.

Here are some of my photos taken on the iPhone. 

We went to Zoo Lake and the Military Museum in Johannesburg. 

With the two Techie Geeks that had a lot of tips up their sleeves:
 Jessica Meyer and Gina Jacobson
Searching for the perfect shot

Zoo Lake cat


The Mini was tested with a big wooden elephant bought by Gina
(It passed the test!)
The Military Museum

Sandton rising!
Apparently there are more photos being taken and uploaded on an iPhone than any other phone.
I can see why!

This is what I want for Christmas! An iPhone!
And a Mini Cooper S Paceman won't be bad as well!

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