Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Vanish that spot - without having to use elbow grease

I am not known or trying to be known for my domestic prowess.

I do not have cleaning powers, knowledge or insight in getting rid of spots. And I am not interested! At all!!

My mother's technique of dealing with spots used to be the use of "elbow grease", as she used to call it. It is a very good technique! If you have time and patience and love standing and rubbing spots on clothes, it is the perfect way to rise to domestic bliss!

My best way of dealing with spots have been to ignore it, getting rid of the clothes, or to replace it!

The Vanish people send me two products to test. I got the pink and the white powder, where the white is for that extra whites!

I have been waiting for the perfect spot to test it on.

The fairy dress got a good initiation last week at pre-primary where it was worn for the whole day. It does not show that well on the photos, but it was not as white any more.

I soaked it! And I walked away! (Which means I could leave it! No rubbing or scrubbing, or wasting my time!)

After an hour when I went to check, I could not see any more spots.

The dress is saved for another Spring Day this year! Even the wings were white again!

Vanish has a whole section dedicated to different soak solutions for different stains: Vanish stain removal.

I think this is a great product to have in the cupboard.

Why would you want to waste time on elbow greasing?

And we get to wear the clothes again!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this product. I am always scarex to use something I don't know well.


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